Knowledge may change anybody

Imam Fakhr-ud-Deen al-Razi (rh) is the author of one of the most recognized and reliable interpretations of the Qur’an in the Islamic history. Analysing a topic on the importance of ‘ilm (knowledge), he quotes this nice anecdote:

Apart from the Maliki madh’hab (Muslim school of law), three schools of law (Hanafi, Shafi’I, and Hanbali) accept dogs as “najas ul-‘ayn”. It is not recommended to keep them inside houses unless it is a “kalb al-muallam” meaning a trained dog. If he is trained to hunt or to guide the herd, the situation changes. If a trained dog brings a hunted animal in his mouth, people are allowed to eat what he brings. He is accepted as clean even if he rubs himself around the house or goes into the place. From then on (after his training), he is regarded as clean and there is no objection for his leave to remain in the house.

Imam Fakhruddeen al-Razi stops a second and drops these lines:
“Even if a dog is
saved from the state of “najas ul-‘ayn” and becomes a member of the family by being trained just to hunt, you people guess how high levels an individual might reach if they learn and educates themselves.”


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