Does God Exist?

Many beings are invisible to human eyes. Although we are not able to see them, we have the ability to understand their existence through their actions or through the results of their action. Similarly, we may not see the God, but we know the existence of God in the same manner.

For example, when we see dense black smoke clouding the sky, we understand that it is coming from a stubborn fire beyond the mountains. We don’t need to see the fire itself. The smoke and its quality are enough to ponder upon.

When we see a beautifully designed and nicely decorated house with paintings on the walls with cute illustrations, we understand that this house is a work of a brilliant, skilful and great architect. Although we don’t see him, we know that the house was once built by the architect.

We are amazed by the art in the exhibition showcasing
a collection of works. Having seen a lavishly handwritten letters in a medieval calligraphy, we understand that the letters were scribed and we appreciate the scriber. We don’t have to see the scriber working with his quill pen on its canvas.

Clearly seen in the examples above, we can learn the doer through the acts and results of the works. Likewise, we, in spite of being unable to see the God, can ponder upon His works and understand His existence as easy as we do in an art exhibition.

Scientists say that the formation of universe was lead by the Big Bang according to the prevailing cosmological theory of the universe's early development (known as the Big Bang theory or Big Bang model). According to the Big Bang model, the universe, originally in an extremely hot and dense state that expanded rapidly, has since cooled by expanding to the present diluted state, and continues to expand today.

From a small portion to the highly complex and well-arranged systems, the universe was formed by a force. So complicated and balanced they are. The systems within the galaxies, balance, and gravitation of each planet and energy of each star give them a strangely measured and systematically shaped order. As a principle, we know that there isn’t any material which comes into existence by itself or by chance. Chance and coincidence cannot form even a simple intended shape, let alone massive systems, galaxies, order and gravitation within this complexity.

So for example, if you come home, you find out that there are some changes at home. A wonderful dinner table was prepared with nice and delicious meals. Your room upstairs was decorated with fresh flowers and your cupboard was beautifully arranged and your shirts, trousers and clothes were ironed. From a fairly untidy house to a glamorously clean and tidy one, you are surprised. What would you think first if you saw all those arrangements? Would you say? This is the result of chance. I had left one window open. There must be a gust of wind to cause of all these things accidentally. Otherwise would you think that somebody came to your house, and made set up all necessary arrangements? Your answer would most probably be there was somebody home who did all those.

Similarly, our universe was wonderfully put into an order. There must be someone who ordered the universe. In order to do something, one has to have the power. To do it in the perfect way, one has to have perfect knowledge, and in order to choose the best of all options; one has to have the will. To make them and check when they need rearrangements whether they are all right and redecorate in the following periods, one has to see and hear. Allah has all these attributes. He is All-Mighty and All-Knower. He has the Will and He sees and hears everything. As a matter of fact, if a nice house reveals some qualities of its artistic builder or its architect, this universe shows us the holy creator, our God.

On the other hand, so as to prove the existence of God, we don’t have to look all the way to the universe. It is fair enough to ponder upon our own body. Even our body reveals great mysteries about our Creator.

Let’s think about a city equipped with an electricity and telephone networks, and each and every house is connected with this network. Limitless numbers of people can contact any time they want and they need. The system works very well and is regularly fixed. If we are to think about our body and the nerve system, we see that it is much more complex than a city’s network.

It is mysteriously measured, well-working, sophisticated and more connected with each other. The network of the city was established by some engineers. So who is the engineer of the network of our body? Millions of nerve cells harmoniously work with each other, and report any defect to the centre, brain. Staying alive depends on this very crucial system. People are paralyzed when the nerve system collapses.

Have you ever seen a perfect network of electricity or telephone or internet? No network comes into existence by chance. Likewise, this network of nerve system must have been established by an intelligent, knowledgeable, and powerful one. He has such sufficient knowledge and power that the system within all beings is the same. There is not only one perfect system in a body but billions of human beings have the same system. They are all his works. Identically the same… All these facts help us think over who the Creator of the body is. God is the engineer and establisher of all these complex systems.

If we start to show the proofs of existence of God, we may have many other systems, limbs, cells, micro-systems within our body. Having a wonderful and interrelated harmony, body reveals secrets of its Creator.

There are many other examples to understand the existence of God. However, we think it is enough for a wise person to see the reality after all those examples of smoke, house and letters. It is more than enough to ponder the Creator reading the examples of the universe, the body and the nerve system. After all we certainly believe that there is God and he is the Creator.

As believers, we say: La ilaha illallah.
There is no other deity worthy of worship other than God.


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