The Enormous Universe

One Cannot Create a Particle Without Holding the entire Universe in His Hand

To raise up the earth together with innumerable suns and stars and string them in order like prayer-beads,
And to place them on the head and chest of endless space - no one's hand has the strength for this.
There is noone in the world that can claim to create anything.
But He is Allah who creates all things glorious...

Recently I've come up with an excellently prepared video on the Known Universe and love it. The enormous universe, and the one of the smallest particle, our Earth struck me. I couldn't believe my eyes. We were so small compared to other planets and stars. And now while I was reading the Lama'at (Gleams) and saw those lines above and want to share those with you. After reading the lines, please have a look at the videos.

Raising a Species to Life Is The Same as Raising an Individual to Life 
Just as raising to life a fly drowsy with death-tainted sleep presents no difficulty to Divine power,
So will neither the death of the earth nor its resurrection present any difficulty.
Nor will raising to life all beings with spirits present much problem.

Nature Is the Divine Art
Nature is not the printer, it is the press;
It is not the inscriber, but the inscription; it is not the doer, it is the recipient;
It is not the source, but the pattern. It is not the orderer, it is the order;
It is not the power, but the law; it is a code of laws proceeding from the attribute of will;
it has no external reality compared to the reality of God.

The Words, Lamaat by Imam Bediuzzaman Said Nursi


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