Language, Life and Religion: Motives and Challenges

What makes us up in the morning? What makes us feel down in our life?
How do we identify ourselves? Do we know ourselves and motives and how to deal with future, idealism and realism? In this context, how does language affect us, positively or negatively? Are there ways to encourage ourselves to motivate or get help from others who survived even after many challenges?

As I posted a few days ago The Pen Magazine has started the monthly seminar series. I have been invited to talk about Language, Life and Religion. My teleconference will be streamed  at 12.10 (Istanbul Time)

The Pen Magazine Monthly Seminars

The Pen Magazine is a quarterly published educational and cultural magazine. Writers and editors give monthly lectures and here is the one of them.

What do we know about naturalism and theory of chance? Does everything come into existence out of chance or is there a superior being causing of all actions in the universe?
Questions and answers, arguments and counter arguments will be discussed by the Editor of The Pen Magazine, Selahaddin Ozel.

Resurrection: Myth or Reality? Claims, truths and denials. Are there any samples of resurrection? Who can prove that there will be or will not be? Topic will be discussed by The Pen Magazine Column Writer, Yusuf Kara.

The Pen Magazine Monthly Seminars


Selahaddin Özel- "The Treatise of Nature"

Yusuf Kara- "Resurrection"

Hamza Berat - "Language, Life and Religion: Motives and Challenges"

Date: October 16, 2010 Saturday
9.00 a.m. (GMT)

Venue: Hayrat Foundation, Meeting Hall A
Istanbul Headquarters


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