ISOC Reading Circle: Religion and Respect

The ISOC reading group is an informal gathering that meets every week, or every other week, for a session of an hour an a half (this varies depending on how things are going). The material to be discussed is sent ahead in order for people to pre-read and think about things beforehand, however, though it is highly recommended, those who haven't had the opportunity to do so are still encouraged to come.

One person always reviews the article being read, this last for about +/- 10 minutes and then its open to all.

The 'reviewer' need not be an expert, he/she simply provides an over view.

As for the articles themselves; they can be from the news, journal articles
or a chapter of a book. People are notified by sending an e-mail to the
general ISOC mailing list (where we will also attach the article or provide
a link for it).

A Google group with all the prior articles has been crated. Anyone who is interested in this and has a Gmail account, please let Br. Emre Kazim know so he can invite you to the group.

In the next reading circle we will be discussing an article by Prof. Simon Blackburn entitled, 'Religion and Respect'.

Please see the details below:

DATE: Friday 15th, October, 2010
TIME: 6.00 pm
VENUE: Queens' College, Erasmus Room

Br. Hasan Shaikh will be providing an overview.


(to see the map as PDF)
All are encouraged to come, and suggest an issue to be discussed.


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