Any trace of coincidence? NO! Fine tuned, intelligently designed.

Proofs of Allah’s existence and oneness are more than all of the particles in the universe.

Under these circumstances even though it seems easy to say “He is nonexistent”, actually it is not.

Here are some examples for the proofs of Allah’s existence in the book of the universe.

 “A letter indicates its writer rather than its own existence.”

“An orderly palace indicates an orderly act, an orderly act indicates a perfect doer, a perfect doer indicates a perfect attribute, namely an artistic skill, a perfect attribute indicates ability and it indicates a high spirit and entity.”

Just as a victim indicates murderer, art the artist, downstairs upstairs, the plenitude of things indicate that they come from a single Entity and their post-existence indicates an eternal entity. As every action indicates a doer it also indicates His attributes When one looks at the universe attentively for the sake of Allah it looks like a magnificent palace. The moon, sun and stars are its candles…

Everything from particles to the lights serves for glorious guests of this palace, human beings. Unless one looks at for the sake of Allah the palace turns into a prison.

Do you think the sun rises every day for it feels pity for those who are on earth? Do you think the clouds are beneficent and compassionate? Or did oxygen and hydrogen decide to form water just because they feel affection and consider it necessary for humans and animals!? See how simple everything is!

In fact, a miraculous affection that belongs to Allah (swt) has surrounded the universe in a way that our hearts become warmer whenever we see it. However; blind and cruel eyes vulgarize such miraculous works associating such magnificent attributes with mindless, senseless and sightless elements and not taking Allah’s sake into consideration. Thus they live hell in heaven.



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