There are seven whom Allah will shade in His Shade on the Day of Judgement when there is no shade except His Shade:

-  a just ruler;

- a youth who grew up in the worship of Allah;

- a man whose heart is attached to the mosques; two men who love each other for Allah's sake, meeting for that and parting upon that;

- a man who is called by a woman of beauty and position [for illegal intercourse], but be says: 'I fear Allah', 

-a man who gives in charity and hides it, such that his left hand does not know what his right hand gives in charity; and

- a man who remembered Allah in private and so his eyes shed tears.'

* Narrated by Abu Hurairah & collected in Saheeh al-Bukhari (english trans.) vol.1, p.356, no.629 & Saheeh Muslim (english trans.) vol.2, p.493, no.2248


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