Non-stop 'ibadah possible

Say: "If you do love Allah, follow me:
Allah will love you and forgive you your sins"  (3:31)

"Whoever adheres to my sunnah when the ummah
 is in the time of fasaad,  shall receive the reward of a
hundred shaheed (martyrs)." *
Who doesn't want to make the best of their lifespan and go to paradise?
Who wouldn't like to spend a life of worship? Who wouldn't choose to turn their daily routines easily into 'ibadah if they were given the chance?

Just think about our every day life... sleeping, eating, drinking, studying, walking..a lot to do... Well, it seems extremely challenging, doesn't it? Is it possible to spend a life of non-stop worship. YES.

Let's see...

"Following the
sunnah of Rasulillah (asw) is surely a valuable action. Especially at those times when bid'at (innovations) are prevalent, ittiba' sunnah (following the sunnah) is much more valuable. And particularly when the Prophet's ummah is in fasaad (corrupted), to comply with a small adab (matter of conduct) of the sunnah signifies a powerful imaan and taqwa. 

Following the sunnah directly and suddenly recalls Rasul Akram (saw), and that recollection and remembrance is transformed into recollection of the Hudhur ilahi (Divine Presence). When one practices a smallest sunnah, he directly remembers the Prophet (asw) and from this remembrance he remembers the Creator, the Sustainer, the Owner of the Mulk and the One who sent the Prophet to us.

When drink a glass of water, we sit down, say 'Bismillah' at the beginning and 'Alhamdulillah' in the end. Doing this reminds us of Nabi (asw). Even in the smallest mu'amala, the moment the prophetic practices are complied with in even the least significant dealings, in the conduct of eating, drinking, or sleeping, such habitual, natural and daily routine acts may become meritorious acts of worship in compliance with the Shari'a. 

- > simple mu'amala and fitrî 'amal turns into 'ibadah and a shar'î action (by the sunnah)

For through such commonplace actions a person thinks of following the sunnah of Rasulullah (Upon whom be blessings and peace) and conceives of them as conduct of the shari'a. Then he recalls that Allah is the owner of the Shari'a. And from that his heart turns to Almighty Allah, Shaari'i Haqiqî (the True Lawgiver), and he gains a sort of sense of the hudhur and 'ibadah.

And so, due to this mystery, the one who makes it his practice to follow the sunnah of the Prophet (asw) transforms all his acts into worship ('adaat to 'ibadat), and he may make his whole life fruitful and yielding of reward."

*This passage has been translated from Imam Badi'uzzaman Sa'id al-Nursi's "Mirqat al-Sunnah wa al-Tiryaqu Maradh al-Bid'a (The Stairway of the Practices of the Prophet and Antidote for the Sickness of Innovations)" from the The Rasaail al-Noor Collection

*Sources of the hadith: "Whoever adheres to my sunnah when the ummah  is in the time of fasaad,  shall receive the reward of a hundred shaheed."
Ibn 'Adiy, al-Kamil fi'd-Duafa ii, 739; al-Munziri, al-Targhib wa't-Tarhib i, 41; Tabarani, al-Majma'u'l-Kabir 1394; Ali b. Husamuddin, Muntakhabat Kanzi'l-Ummal i, 100; al-Haythami, Majma'u'z-Zawa'id viii, 132.


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